A lot of people aren't going to like what I'm about to tell you!

Are You Fed Up With Hearing The Same Old Rehashed Garbage About Video Marketing That Doesn't Actually Make You Any Money?

With My How-To Pointers, I Can Introduce You To A Surefire System For Generating Automated Residual Income Using An Easy To Follow Step-By-Step System!

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From Tyler Ellison

The Internet Video Guy

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If you've looked at any video marketing products lately, they all seem to promise you "easy money" by promoting affiliate programs on YouTube and the like. Before you read any more of that stuff, just watch my video which reveals the "secrets" those so-called "experts" are selling you – and I don't charge a penny for it!

There is a huge trend focused towards internet video nowadays.

  • YouTube is the fourth most visited website in the United States.
  • Video websites are getting more than 10% of the world's internet traffic.
  • Even non-video social websites like Myspace and Orkut allow video sharing.

If you've ever bought a product that was supposed to teach you the "easy" strategy and reveal the "secret" to getting rich with video marketing: you need to stop wasting your time with that filth and pay attention to what I've got for you!

(Yeah, yeah, more promises, more excitement, you've heard it all before – and so have I, which is why I'm determined to break your curse of losing money…)


There are reasons why internet marketers strike out so often when it comes to using online video…

I'm not coming here with my inflated screen shots of affiliate commissions or waving any fat checks in your face because the reality is that 98% of all internet marketers spend more than they make.

My deal is about reality. There are no pictures of hot babes, expensive cars, big houses, or personal airplanes on this page. I don't need any of that stuff to impress you because my methods will do that on their own.

There are a lot of people doing business online who have no shame in just flat out lying to people to make a few bucks. I've seen it time and time again and even been taken in myself a few times.

I guess I'm just such a trusting guy because I go to a lot of effort to BE trustworthy.

That's one of the reasons I'm coming to you today: I'm offering you a dependable system that is sure to make money if the strategies are followed.

There are so many entrepreneurs who struggle online just trying to start making a miserable $20 per day.

We can thank our famous gurus for those kinds of results, but that isn't going to feed my family now will it?!?!?!?!?!?

When I first began marketing online I had an advantage most people don't.

I was promoting a brick and mortar business, not an ecommerce store or a product review site. It was easier to make my efforts profitable because there was a tangible product to sell – something that a lot of internet marketers don't offer.

Although that business is still successful to this date, I found a better way. A way where I could make my efforts pay residually.

And by residual payment I mean the real thing. Work once, maintain what you've built, and get paid for it like clockwork.

I once believed that "network marketing" was the way to go and that a certain telecommunications company was going to pay me every month for selling their phone service and recruiting more representatives.

That was a harsh experience. I sold the service and never received a penny for it. I suffered embarrassment and shame from my family, and they were suspicious I was trying to sell something any time I'd call.

I hope you never have to experience that, but if you have, know that you're not alone.

My belief in residual income wasn't ever going to be enough to make it happen (where were you on that one, The Secret?) so I had to put my nose to the grindstone to find a way that worked without exploiting anybody.

That's what I've succeeded in doing, and the great thing is that it can be multiplied five, six, even TEN times a day.

That money begins to add up my friends – and that's why I'm sitting pretty, while other entrepreneurs struggle.


I'm not here to be your guru, I'm here to be your friend!

Don't think that I'm a lazy bum though, I work hard at this. If I didn't, I wouldn't have been able to leave behind my job as a janitor scrubbing toilets at 4 o'clock in the morning.

I did that for a long time and for what? Less than $500 a month...

Those were hard times – but I've left them behind forever!

I can say that because my online marketing efforts allow me to sleep peacefully (instead of getting up in the middle of the night to vacuum offices) and stay at home with my beautiful wife and our son – with another baby on the way!

My boy looks up to me, and loves the fact that Daddy can take an hour away from the computer at odd hours of the day to play Star Wars Lego II with him.

It's nice to be able to go to the supermarket with my wife and be able to buy whatever we want without having to worry about "how are we going to be able to pay for this?" like we used to. My wife is much better at controlling spending so I let her have the final say in most family financials…

But I have a LOT of fun spending money on stuff I like for fun! I bet you don't need to make $20,000 a month to be financially free like that. Even if you do, I've got your ticket to accomplish it if that's what you really want.


So What's My Secret To Making Real Money From Home?

Presenting Video Epidemic...

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Umm...the secret is to have a proven system that doesn't get old or abused that pays dependably day in and day out. Oh yeah and it can't cost much to do.

Solid System + Little to No Cost = Residual Cash Profits!

OK so what does my system have to do with video and making money? Just what goes down and what do you need to be capable of in order to do the same?

I'm about building your very own video website, and not about trying to make commissions pushing spammy products like sexual performance enhancing herbs.

The whole "pay for advertising" also doesn't float my boat since there are so many good ways to get super targeted visitors to your website for free.

There is an epidemic spreading like wildfire on the internet.

That epidemic is poor quality entertainment. People spend hours watching garbage video online just trying to find something half decent to distract them from life's problems.

Guess what?

I'm the guy that's going to turn you into the hero that saves victims from garbage entertainment, and I am going to show you how to get financially rewarded for that!

I'm sitting here making MONEY as I write this.

I don't have any expensive Pay-Per-Click campaigns to monitor, I don't have to deal with chargebacks or refunds of the products I worked so hard to promote. Making money is a lot easier when you don't have to sell anything in order to get paid.


The Well-Oiled Machine That Makes Me Money On Automatic Pilot Is Finally Revealed…

I had no plans to share my techniques since there are lots of people who claim to offer the "make money" solution and I didn't want to be associated with that kind of thing.

But when I thought about how many people are buying old, outdated, or useless information in their struggle to turn a profit honestly with the internet, I felt a moral obligation to share my successful system, since the presence of other sites will have no negative impact on my business.

Some of these strategies I pioneered myself. Others, I learned and improved upon from friends of mine who are also successfully building profitable websites.

It honestly breaks my heart when I see a forum post about somebody who has been shamelessly scammed by some techie sweet-talker online.

Nobody can call my system a SCAM, because I don't even sell anything!

What I learned through thousands of poorly invested dollars, sleepless nights, and broken hopes turned me into the money-pumping success story that I am today.

So here's the deal…


I'm Offering My System To The Internet Marketing World For Much Less Than The System Makes In Hours!

It's my sincere desire that all of the people who come into the world of online marketing have a chance to learn a decent, honorable system that they can tell their friends and family about without any shame.

I couldn't do that for a long time, but times change and now I can smile at Thanksgiving!

So I'm inviting you into my private office that the world hasn't heard about until now.

I'm not here to judge anybody, but everybody with an honest heart is welcome to run my system on their terms to make the kind of money that makes them happy.

The reason I've set up my training this way is so that I can reach more people faster than ever. As just one person, it would be impossible for me to take more than a couple of people aside to teach them this system.

I've already tried that with an elite group of marketers and here's what some of them had to say about my Video Epidemic training:

"I just finished reading the Video Epidemic Guide and I just had to tell you, THIS IS AWESOME INFORMATION!! Not only do you outline everything step-by-step so that even a complete beginner can get started, what you've outlined here really enhances other strategies I've already got going! Thanks for putting together such a great guide!"

Tim Arview

"I wasn't quite sure what to expect at first. I thought this was gonna be just another e-book telling me to use videos as a mean of free web 2.0 traffic. I couldn't have been any wronger.

This e-book is VERY detailed and very easy to understand. The information here is really powerful. I used to think that Adsense wasn't any good for video sites, until I read some of the awesome tips Tyler wrote.

If you actually use the information being offered here you could easily make 10, 50, or even a 100 times the cost of the ebook over and over again."



"This is a brilliant step-by-step guide on how to make money with video sites. You can also use this guide to promote your other sites & bring tons of traffic to your site. When your video site is profitable Tyler shows how you can sell it and make more than 1000% profit. I recommended for it for both amateur and experienced marketers!"

Kamal Talib


"I have been avoiding video marketing for some time, simply because I didn't have the proper tools and information on how to do it right. Video Epidemic opened a ton of new doors for me.Not only was everything easy to follow and understand, but everything is handed to you step by step. There is no guess work, no holes and no fluff. Just solid, 100% usable information.

This has to be one of, if not the, most informative guide I have ever read. I now have a whole new arsenal for my marketing and can't wait to use it. If you are totally new to working the internet you will have no problem following the guide and if you do have some experience there are tons of little secrets to be discovered. Bottom line, if you want to get started with video marketing or simply want to get more FREE traffic to your site you want to get this course."

Ed Doherty


"Wow thank you for bringing out this amazing eBook...This is actually the second product I have from you, and you have over-delivered everytime. I made a load of money off the last product you released and I'm pretty sure I will make a truck load with this one too! This is a comphrehensive step-by-step guide which literally takes you by the hand and take you through each process to setup the whole system. This is a excellent guide for a newbie like me...
Thanks again..."

Arinze Ngonadi

"I've followed every single product Tyler has made for nearly the past 2 years, and I can say that Video Epidemic one of the best, if not #1. If you are wanting to grab a slice of the major traffic you are seeing today on major video websites like YouTube, this guide is for you. Tyler has created a step by step guide to automated income, and when it comes to using the word automated, I can say that with confidence."

Brian Owens


And these are just a handful of people I've worked with. Now that my method is more easily taught, I've got more people running it and all have reported positive results. I really should take the time to add them all here so you can see what they say, but I only asked for a few minutes of your time so I'll post more later, possibly in my private office.

I don't have time to screw around with this though, so it's in your best interest to act quickly because I'm only offering the LOW LOW price for a very limited time.


Could you learn my system on your own? Maybe, but I've sharpened this tool on my personal time and effort to turn it into a deadly profit generating machine that is sure to make you money every single month.


How Much Is This Going to Set You Back?

Fortunately I'm not the kind of guy that desperately wrote some crummy ebook to sell for some quick cash to pay my rent. My bills are safe and sound, so I can offer my guide for much less than the usual $97 you see this kind of thing being sold for.


Don't try to tell me that isn't the truth. Just look at your hard drive and all of the "free" information you have that collects dust on your virtual bookshelf.

I know what you go through as you bounce from forum to forum, blog to blog, always looking for a cash machine that will stop the bleeding you feel everyday as an internet marketer.

So I'm making it as affordable as possible!

I'm also throwing in sizeable bonuses with my product – but I hand-picked each one to enhance the results you'll get with Video Epidemic. No garbage bonuses allowed. (Plus I'm adding in some TOP SECRET bonuses that I won't even talk about in this letter because of how powerful they are…)

So let's be real here for a second.

How much would you be willing to pay for a proven system that makes automated residual income every day with little maintenance?




How much is it really worth to you to generate automated targeted traffic to your website and get paid without any pushy sales efforts?

This is the fun part...

Your ticket into my private office for my training is going to cost a mere…


Why so inexpensive?

I TOLD you I don't need money to pay my bills. My system generates that money for me. I'm bringing my system to the masses because I don't want you to spend more money on reports and ebooks – I want you to get TOOLS that will speed things up, TOP SECRET tools that I don't talk about outside of my private office.

I know what you're thinking…

Only $37?

Well, yeah for now at least. That's the introductory price for those who have been waiting a long time for me to talk about this. That price isn't set in stone though, my marketing consultant says I should charge $97 for you to access my private office. I know it's worth at least that much but this isn't about me making more money, it's about helping you make the money that you've worked so hard for before without any results. All that is about to change after you read and apply Video Epidemic!

I should be charging upwards of $100 for this, especially with all the bonuses I'm giving away with my easy-to-follow-step-by-step training.

But here's the thing…


This Is What Makes My Training Different!

Remember how you felt when you were made big promises, got the product, and discovered it was nothing but a pitch to buy bigger and more expensive products and services?

I remember that too, which is why I'm leaving money on the table by not asking for a higher price (just yet) because I'm not going to pretend that I don't recommend you add a couple of tools to your arsenal to speed up and automate my system.

So that's why. I'm playing my game honestly and letting you know up front that I expect you to invest an extra dollar in some advanced software once I've shown you my training.

Wait a minute, did I just say an extra DOLLAR?

Yep you read that right. An extra dollar – as in just one.

That's all the extra money it's really going to take you to implement my system if you already have a website and hosting – but if you don't, understand that those are absolute necessities too and I'll direct you to reputable businesses that will be able to give you quality service at bargain basement prices.


As The Icing On The Cake, I'll Refund Your Money If My System Fails!

I am so ridiculously confident that my system will make you money that I'll refund 100% of the price of my training if you use my system for 30 days and aren't satisfied that my system will earn you money.

30 days to try my techniques with no risk...

Trust me, it's a piece of cake!

I guarantee the results of my methods through and through. No "ifs" "ands" or "buts" about it.

In fact, I'll even go one step further...

I'm Assuming 100% Of The Risk!

Give me just a little time to teach you my system. Give it a try and let me help you get going. You don't really want your money back; you want an automated cash machine!

Here's my GUARANTEE:

If at any point during the first 30 days you decide this just isn't for you, just ask for your money back and we'll part as friends. No hard feelings.


But Wait – I Didn't Tell You About Your Extra Presents Yet!

If it isn't enought that I'm practically giving away my sweet system, I'm throwing in everything but the kitchen sink.

In addition to the ridiculously low price, there are a few extra rewards for those who act fast and get my training first.

My Video Of How to Sneak Into Major Guru Launches Without An Invitation to Joint Venture!

You know all those emails you get from the internet marketing gurus that all promote the same products at the same time.

I've got a video you've just GOT to see of how I swiped my way into a major product launch without an invitation and how you can do the same.

This bonus is only guaranteed to the first 100 people who get my training…

10 Original Internet Video Articles With Private Label Rights to Help You Build Your Website!

You won't have to lose time researching and writing articles to build content and traffic to your site because I've already done that for you. So take my content, but your original spin on it with your name and link, and PRESTO: Traffic!

Create Your Own Video Commercial in 15 Minutes!

This bonus should come in quite handy for those who understand the value of time and use this to multiply the results with Video Epidemic.

The Classic Guide to YouTube: Tube Traffic!

I'm including this because it's a classic and it's full of useful tips that don't wear out with time. My Video Epidemic training guide purposely avoided teaching what is in this product because I'm not interested in rehashing the same old stuff you see every day.

$311.50 In 14 Days With One Video!

This is a report that combined the tactics of TubeTraffic with some of the same strategies I've been using with my Video Epidemic campaigns. I've decided to include it to give you more ideas on how you can run with the power of the tools and training I'm giving you. This report was about one video on YouTube that make $311.50 all on its own in 14 days. It's easier than you think to make that money!

The TOP SECRET Bonuses I Won't Talk About Here...

I'm always at work in my virtual "mad scientist" internet marketing laboratory. Yeah you may think it sounds corny but I don't believe in divulging everything I have to offer in a public space where anybody can just copy my success. There is much more I'm giving you that you can only find out about once you begin my highly specialized system training.


Think Fast – Time Is LIMITED…

I want to re-iterate that I am very serious about limiting how long I'll offer Video Epidemic at this low low price of only $37.

Right now – just for the release, I'm only guaranteeing the low price of $37 for the first 100 that sign up.

It's quite possible I'll wake up tomorrow and see the 100th sale and with a few simple changes the price will climb to $97.

If you're ready to make easy automated money with Video Epidemic and expand all parts of your business with my awesome bonuses (over $300 in value) then secure your low price by ordering now!


I'm guaranteeing that you'll be satisfied with my offer or I'll refund your money.

So what do you have to lose? ABSOLUTELY NOTHING.

What have you got to gain? AUTOMATED RESIDUAL INCOME!

Either my training works, or you get your money back. End of story.

Here's a recap of what's in it for you with my Video Epidemic Guide

YES you will discover how to setup an automated cash website
YES this is different from submitting content to Break.com or Metacafe.com for money
YES the guide shows detailed screen shots of what to do
YES there are more videos in the private office for demonstration purposes
YES Video Epidemic is 100% white hat marketing - NOTHING ILLEGAL!
YES my training has nothing to do with gambling or the adult industry
YES the guarantee is for real. You have 30 days to try it risk-free

But don't wait too long to join – remember, the price is going to go up. At a mere $37 fee to ensure your commitment, you can't pass up this opportunity! Remember: The price is going to go UP – not down.

Get Access To My Training Instantly!

You can enter my website full of secret money-making video marketing tactics right now for a one-time fee of $197, $147, $97, $37 dollars!

The tactics you'll learn inside my training won't be found anywhere else! You can try to find them out but you'll lose lots of time and possibly wind up frustrated and angry.

I don't want that to happen, so…

  • I've pioneered the path – all you have to do is follow along.
  • I've reduced the price to make this one of the most affordable training guides on the market.
  • I've been honest and upfront about myself as a person and have nothing to hide.
  • I've added other products that will enhance your Video Epidemic results to assure your success.
  • I've offered a guarantee – if this doesn't work out I'll refund your money with no hard feelings.
There's no way you can lose money with me! You get my Video Epidemic training guide PLUS

Gain Instant Access Now!

Give up the hunt for the magic money button. It isn't there. Let me teach you an honest way to make automated residual income that you can multiply day in and day out.


There's An Epidemic Infecting Internet Video Fans Everywhere, and You Can Be Rewarded To Cure It.

No more losing money. Stop that – you're embarrassing your friends and family.

If you want to start making honest money – the kind that will attract positive attention from your friends and family - then you need to take this opportunity now.

I'm offering you a system that makes automated cash, bonuses that can help you quadruple that cash, and I'm guaranteeing your satisfaction.

Act now before I raise the price!
(which may be at any minute)

Just a one time payment of $37 for Instant Access to My Private Office Where You Can Download The Video Epidemic Training Guide and Claim All of Your Bonuses!!!

In Trust and Friendship,

P.S. Give my training a try. I'm not here to exploit anybody – only to help. This is no fly-by-night scam site promising big and disappearing the next day. My reputation is positive and this site has been in development for many months. I'm guaranteeing that you won't lose money so there's no risk to you.

P.P.S. I reserve the right to close membership raise my price at any second! I'm not playing around with this, the price is going up in a matter of days, hours, or seconds depending on when you read this.

P.P.P.S. Don't forget about the unique bonuses especially the Top Secret ones! The first 100 people are guaranteed to get my extra sneaky guru launch video in addition to the other incredible products that are secretly stored inside the site!